Welcome User! This is your Home page. This is the first page visitors will see when they first visit your site. The Content on this page is displayed here with the HTML Editor module and can be easily modified. 

  • First you need to log in. 
  • After that click Edit Page in the top right of your screen
  • Then click on Edit This Page.
  • After that, on the right hand side of this page, right above this text, three icons will appear. A pencil, a gear, and a set of arrows. The arrows allow you to re-position this module to different sections of the page. The gear icon contains an option to delete the entire module (which will also delete all content within so be careful!) and also offers advanced settings. The pencil icon allows you edit the content in this module. If you click on edit content the editor will appear and you will be able to edit this text. You can choose edit and you will still be able to see all of this text until you change it. So if you want, enter edit mode and follow along.

    By default, the editor is in "Design" view. You can easily see what view you are in buy looking at the bottom left of this text box. The current view will be highlighted in bold. This is a simple and easy mode that allows you to simply type what you want and apply some formatting such as spacing, colors, underlines, etc. from the bars above. If you do not see the formatting bars, you are in Basic Text Box mode. To change it, simply select the Rich Text Editor option above. You are also able to attach images in this mode. In order for that to work: 

    • You first have to go to the Admin section and select File Management. 
    • You can either create a new folder by clicking on the folder icon with a "+" sign in the middle, or just upload your images by clicking the paper with an up arrow icon.
    •  Placing your images in separate folders will help keep everything organized, this is especially true for when you have a lot of content later on. 
    • Once you have uploaded an image you can attach it by selecting the paper clip on the top ribbon, and choosing Image Manager. 

    You can also apply different styles by clicking the "Apply CSS' button above and choosing another style from the list.

    You can also use the HTML view of this module. If you click on HTML on the bottom left you will see that you are able to change all attributes that you be able to change within HTML and specify your own classes, styles, etc.

    Happy editing!